The Dev-Mark Committee is charged with the functions critical to our organization’s sustainability – DEV – as in Development = FUNDRAISING, and MARK – as in Marketing = COMMUNICATING to reach people with our message.

The MAP (Musical, Artistic, Programming) Committee supports the Director and helps maintain the quality of the musical programming with fresh musical input to appeal to our ever-changing audiences.  It serves as a liaison between the Director and chorus members regarding matters affecting rehearsals and performances.

The Membership Committee is the first point of contact for persons visiting our rehearsal to discern whether Golden Tones would fulfill their yearning for a choral experience.  “Musical mentors” are assigned to new and visiting vocalists to help with orientation.

The Caring Committee stays in touch with members through email or phone calls, and tries to be aware of any needs they might have that we, as a chorus of friends, can help address.

The Music Library Committee keeps the music in order, retrieving it for rehearsals and concerts and returns it to the library when it is no longer being performed.  The library is now housed in Natick, 5 cabinets holding 20 drawers of music!