Driveway Choir

On October 20, 2020, we were given an opportunity to sing together from the safety of our cars, thanks to a pair of local choral enthusiasts with all the right equipment. After parking in a semicircle surrounding the director, we were given microphones and asked to tune our car radios to the right channel to hear each other. The result: music to our ears! Click here to listen as we rehearsed Siyahamba.

“I think all of us as members of the Golden Tones are passionate about our music, whether the emphasis is on singing, or learning more about music, or the outreach we do, or being able to gather with our like-minded group. It was inspiring to see others follow their passion for music, facilitating us to be able to sing together safely during this pandemic. You could see their passion in their joy and attention to detail.” Wendy W.

“It was wonderful to be able to sing ‘together’ and the technology made us sound so good!” Caroline J.

“That was so great to be with everyone and experience that wonderful sound when we’re all together.” Carol O.

“The driveway choir was a fantastic experience.  First, it was wonderful to see our fellow singers in person, and especially those who can not do the online rehearsals. Most of all, how exciting to actually hear everyone’s voices at once with no delay.  It was as close as you can get to an actual in-person rehearsal in the time of Covid. I enjoyed it thoroughly!” Ellen K.

“That chorus rehearsal was absolutely wonderful. To hear us all singing together again was really worthwhile.” Edward R.

“The ‘technical aspects’ for each of us were much less complicated than I had expected. More important, the singing sounded terrific. And most important of all, it was great to be able to see one another in the flesh.” Gerry H.

“It was a blast. Good to see folks after such a drought.”  Barb S.

“It was great. I was high-as-a-kite for the rest of the day.” Diana H.

“America is very much a ‘car nation’ and it was not so odd to sit in my car and sing.  There was a slight aura of the drive-in movies of our youth, but we got to participate in the plot! All in all it was an uplifting, gratifying, and just slightly surreal music fest.  I loved it.” Kay B.

“Tuesday’s driveway choir was great! Also great to see members other than on a screen!”  Sheila F.

“I felt such a lift today to see the faces of our chorus and hear our voices together.  The playback sounded amazing, producing chills.” Marcia G.

“I listened as I pulled out of the parking lot until the signal faded!” Elizabeth B.